"Genius is 1% Inspiration, and 99% Perspiration!" - Thomas Alva Edison

Are You Ready To Invest The Sweat-Equity, Mental Determination and Emotional Commitment Demanded By Today's Globally Competitive Environment?

Are You "Teachable", Are You Eager To Learn, Understand and Apply Leading-Edge Ideas and Are You Greedy or Hungry For New Opportunities?

Are You Sick-and-Tired of Hearing About the Innovations, Improvements or Achievements of Other Companies, or Let Me Ask You A Better Question - Are You Satisfied With Your Own Innovations, Improvements and Achievements?

Innovating, being Innovative and producing Innovations are serious business - Consultants tell you what needs to get done, Coaches tell you to just do it, but Educators show you how to do it effectively, competently and completely

We are Educators, who also use Consulting methods to identify shortfalls and gaps, and we act as Coaches who guide you & follow-up with you to keep you accountable and moving towards your desired objectives.

I really want to avoid having our services put into "a box" but I do want to tickle your interest in some of our workshop titles and our areas of expertise - so here are a few of our "off-the-shelf" titles (and of course, you can click on any title to learn more specifics and details about our workshops) - Our workshops are designed to empower any and all of the following people:
Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers and Directors in Business, Non-Profits or Governments or Sales & Account professionals, Product & Brand Managers and Marketing or Innovation Team Leaders

"Leap Out Far Beyond The Pack By Becoming A Market Innovator - Using "Q-Mechanics" for Seeing-Around, Keeping-Out and Moving-Ahead of the Curve" [Strengthens Innovative Marketing Practices throughout the Company]

"Auditing, Evaluating & Repairing The Gaps, Weaknesses & Shortfalls Hidden In Your Innovation System and Strategy" [Improves Your Corporate-Wide Innovation Processes]

"There's a Universe of Innovation Frameworks - Determining and Adopting The Right Fit for Your Industry, Marketplace & Organizational Culture" [Creates an Industry-Leading, Innovative, Entrepreneurial Company]

"Engaging, Empowering and Energizing Your Innovative Leadership Power - Cultivating a Practice, Portfolio and Philosophy of Innovative Leadership Excellence" [Develops Strong, Effective Innovative Leadership Skills]

"Developing Teams of Global-minded, Competence-driven & Capability-focused Strategic Thinkers - Mastering the Strategic Imperatives of Innovative Leadership" [Your People become Vision-oriented, Strategy-minded and Execution-driven]

"Transforming Market, Consumer and Competitive Trends Into Opportunities for Breakthrough Innovations - Defining Quantum-level Phenomena in Your Ecosystem Energy-Fields" [Empowers Innovations in your Products, Services & Marketing campaigns]

"Continuously Create Robust, Superior, Sustainable Innovations Using Powerful T-Levers & The Tetra-Innovational Model for Successful Innovating" [Transforms your Organizational assets, resources and knowledge into Innovative Powerhouses]

Every Workshop, Guide and Follow-up Session Helps You
Energize, Enrich and Maximize the Awesome Power of
Your "T-Levers" - You'll Learn to Create Sustainable
Productive and Profitable Innovations!

You Will Learn How-To Master The 7 Proficiencies Of Innovation
Discover new, more effective ways to proactively, productively and profitably:

1. Leverage Your Top-5 Essential Corporate Opportunity Areas [the "T-Levers"]

2. Evaluate & Decipher the Hidden Codes of Complex, Chaotic Realities

3. Channel, Order & Exploit the Impulsive Dynamics of Change

4. Engage, Empower & Encourage the Talents of Your People

5. Amplify, Connect & Understand the Unique Meanings of Stakeholders

6. Examine, Assess & Optimize the Energy Flows & Life-Sustaining Properties of Your Organization

7. Discover, Create & Enhance Superior Value-Delivery Processes, Knowledge Management & Continuous Improvement Systems